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About Us


My Real Estate Inspectors

The next chapter of your life starts with owning a home that you and your family love. How do we know? Because My Real Estate Inspectors Home Inspections LLC with over 20 years of construction and inspection experience is on your side to help make it happen. Our investigative home inspection delivers the knowledge you desire and need, drawing from our own hard-earned expertise in the industry to provide a thorough and trustworthy home inspection. 


At My Real Estate Inspectors  we are a true believer in "Inspect before you invest "  we are proud to offer client-oriented home inspection services that are conducted with your family’s investment success as our primary focal point. Buying a home is a potentially life-changing opportunity, and our home inspector works hard to help make sure that your opportunity doesn’t slip away—providing you with the knowledge and reassurance you need to make great decisions and to overcome any stumbling blocks in the negotiating process.

  • We always welcome and encourage you to join us on the day of your home inspection so that we can walk you through the home, reviewing each of our discoveries in detail

  • Cutting-edge technology is used during every home inspection as necessary at no extra cost to ensure that you’re given access to every piece of information we can possibly provide—tools that we use include: thermal imaging, aerial drone photography, 360° camera, moisture meter, gas leak detector, and a carbon monoxide detector

  • If you have questions after a home inspection, we’re committed to being available to answer them—we’ll gladly discuss our inspection findings with you over the phone for many months after you receive your inspection report


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